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Truck #123456 List

This page has scrolling menus for looking up frequently used part numbers for Acme unit #123456. Each scrolling menu will have the part number and the brand name of the chosen part. If the menu only has one part number and brand name, then that part is only available through the vehicle manufacturer's authorized dealers.

P.M. Service #1
Oil Filters Part#   Brand
Fuel Filters Part#   Brand
P.M. Service #2
Air Filter Part#   Brand
Power Steering Filter Part#   Brand
HVAC Filters Cab     
Engine Oil 41 Quarts of
Engine Coolant 15 Quarts of
Transmission Fluid 14 Quarts of
Differential Fluids #1 14 Quarts of
#2 12 Quarts of
Power Steering Fluid 5 Quarts of 
Engine Fan Belt Part#   Brand
Alteranator-A/C Part#   Brand
Front Brakes Shoe Kit  Brand
Brake Drum  Brand
Rear Brakes Shoe Kit  Brand
Brake Drum  Brand
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