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The Acme fleet has a vast array of vehicles to choose from. This is in keeping with our diverse customer base. However, that very diversity in equipment is a challenge for our service departments all across the continent. To meet this challenge we have given each truck a separate pair of web pages that identifies frequently used part numbers by two distinct methods. Each method has its own navigational link on the right side of the page under the truck number. The first method incorporates a multitude of scrolling menus that allow for built in part number cross-referencing. The second method incorporates a more visual approach. The visual approach involves viewing actual pictures of the vehicle to look for the area where the part is located. Then the user can move the mouse over a specific part or area and click to open a pop-up window. A separate window will open, or pop- up, with the list of known part numbers for a chosen part or area of the truck. We know that efficient acquisition of replacement parts is an integral part of providing our customers with the service that they have come to expect from us.

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