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Freightliner Columbia The images on this Web site come from various sources. On the right navigation bar you will find the links to the sources of the images at the Acme Web site.

Acme Pictures

All of the Pictures of Unit #123456 and of the Generic Acme Truck Leasing unit were taken by the Webmaster of this Web site.

  1. Service Page Picture
  2. Service Page Picture for Unit #123456
  3. Parts by Map Pictures: All

Aquired Images

The following images were downloaded via the Internet.

  • Background Image for all of the Web pages came from
    All Free
  • The Detroit Skyline Picture on the About Us page is courtesty of
    Philip Greenspun.
  • The following images were aquired from Freightliner Corporation
    at the Freightliner Media Room Web page.
    • Background Image for the Welcome Page
    • Top Center Image for the Home Page
    • Both Images on the Parts Page
  • The Tractor-Trailer Picture for this page is from Freightliner Corporation at the this Freightliner Trucks Web page.

Images with Explicit Permission

Permission was granted by the following corporations to use their respective corporate logos on the Links Web page.

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