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Welcome to Acme Truck Leasing. Established in Detroit, Michigan in 1950, Acme Truck Leasing has grown to become a world class full service transportation organization. We have locations throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Each location is staffed with highly trained professional leasing, rental, and service personnel ready to serve your trucking needs. Below is a list of the services that we provide.

Truck leasing is available at every Acme location. We can handle your long term and short term leasing needs. We manage all of the licensing, insurance, and permit registrations that your operation requires. A full service maintenance program is included in every lease contract agreement.
Renting a truck with Acme is fast and convenient. We offer rental agreements as short as 1 day, and as long as 1 month. Whether you are handling local trucking needs or long distance hauling, Acme truck rentals are available 7 days a week. Because we maintain our vehicles to the highest quality and safety standards, your only concerns are the costs for renting and fueling the truck of your choice.
Full service contract agreements are a standard feature with any leasing agreement. Full service is also an integral part of your rental agreement. However, some customers prefer to maintain ownership of their vehicles while still taking advantage of our full service maintenance program. Please refer to the Service page for an overview of the services that we perform.
Maintaining the exterior appearance of our vehicles is just as important as maintaining the rest of the vehicle. Customer required graphics and logos can be installed upon request. Full exterior cleaning is available at every Acme location, and can be performed off site through the utilization of outside vendors. Full interior cleaning is standard with every rental vehicle and is available with every lease and contract maintenance vehicle. Broken glass replacement and stone chip repairs are serviced through outside vendors.
We have many ways of meeting your fuel needs. We have full service fuel Islands at every location throughout North America. We manage a fuel purchasing program for fueling with external vendors. We can also manage on-site fueling by external vendors.
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